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A Source of Creativity in the Music Video Production Industry in Kosovo

Entermedia was born in the beginnings of the music industry in Kosovo - raising the bar for audiovisual experiences and music video production in Kosovo. When we first started, we were aware that the traditional methods wouldn’t be enough. This is why we visualized and worked towards a music production company that would become the revolution in the music industry in Kosovo. Our experience in the music video production industry in Kosovo has given us a unique perspective on what makes for successful videos. We're always looking at how to better ourselves, whether it's by coming up with new ideas or challenging our team members outside their comfort zone with each project they take on. This was our fundamental idea: always developing. Entermedia specializes in creating videos for artists, labels, managers, or anyone looking to have their song portrayed by an innovative cast of characters. Feel free to reach us if you're interested!


Our teams consist of:

Project Managers

Each project is designated its own project manager to ensure the completion of the tasks and client’s satisfaction.

Creative Directors

Otherly known as the heads of the creativity teams and creative aspects of a video, our creative directors manage every creative process from start to finish.

Creative Writers

By conducting research before and during the creative process, our writers prepare materials to ensure the creative and logical flow of all writing produced.

Directors of Photography

Everything that influences what the camera can record is under the DP's control (i.e. composition, exposure, lighting, filters, and camera movements). The director of photography chooses the cameras, lenses, and filters that will be used during a shoot in addition to being in charge of the camera and lighting crews on location.


Producers are responsible for managing the business and finances of a film, music release, theatrical production, or television program.

Video Editors

Video editors create a finished film or video product, manage content such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects.

Vfx Artists

Our VFX artists use the latest technology to create photoreal, digitally-generated imagery.


Monitor market trends, design advertising campaigns, come up with pricing and targeting plans based on demographic information.

Why choose Entermedia for your Music Video Production in Kosovo?

Our team brings the positivity, energy and expertise to produce music videos that bring out the best of the song and the artist. With our high-end technology and post-production services, we help you bring to life your music video idea.

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Best music videos for your song

“One-stop” Music Video Production in Kosovo

We are your one-stop for all of the music video production needs you may have. We can handle everything from scripts to finished products, so you will have everything planned out and all aspects covered in time.

High-end Equipment

We believe in delivering the best possible product to our customers, which is why we always use high-quality equipment.

Creative thinking

Our team of creative directors and writers bring their expertise and rich background in every project. They know how to make the difference with each music video in Kosovo.

Experience, background and professionalism

With over 18 years of experience, our team ensures high professionalism and work ethic in each project.

Our Music Video Production and Filming Process

Pre-production is an important part of the music video production services process. It consists of the planning, scheduling and budgeting for your project. What we as Entermedia first do is plan our storyboard and script with our creative director and decide on casting, location and crew. Our team familiarizes with the song and then sets up a meeting to discuss the concept with the artist or their manager. You will need to be prepared in a lot of areas and some are listed here on this link.
The process of filming and producing a music video is similar to that of creating any other type of video. The following are some key steps in the process:


This step involves planning out your visual story. You want to be sure you have all your concepts down before you begin shooting, so take some time with this step.


A really important step for music video production services is determining the budget. By coming up with a budget, you’re essentially listing everything you’ll need to make a music video production service such as equipment needed, locations, actors/extras, etc.


When you’re working with so many different people, as a producer, many things will get asked of you. But you will have to set expectations for what is and isn’t possible.


Once all your pre-production work has been done, it's time for crewing up! Here at Entermedia there are usually people responsible for casting talent, finding locations, managing wardrobe/makeup artists etc.

Music Video Post-Production

Once the day is a wrap, the music video production moves onto its final stage, post-production. Music video post-production is the final stage of making a music video. Music video post-production involves editing, sound mixing and special effects. A lot of time is spent during this process on finding different shots so that they can use these shots later on when creating their actual production.

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1. How long does a music video filming take?

Depending on the script, scenes and locations, it varies. The most usual time period to finish a music video in Kosovo is around 2 filming days.

2. Are your teams willing to travel for shooting?

Most of our music videos are shot in Kosovo and in the region, but are happy to come wherever you want to film.

3. How many feedback chances do clients have?

Usually, we don’t deliver the final product of the music video without implementing all the changes required by clients. We don’t have an exact number as we try to perfectly do our job without counting feedback.

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