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Music Video Production Services

Music Videos Production Services are the main reason why Entermedia is so well-known in Southern Europe. Since 2004, we have produced over 500 music videos productions and have won over 60 national/international awards in the region. We have worked with multiple national and international artists, coming from the US, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Our music videos have served different music genres such as house, RnB, hip-hop, pop, rock and more.


What is a music video production?

A music video production service is a video clip that combines audio from a song or album with visuals created for marketing or musical artistic purposes. Modern video production methods are used in a variety of ways in music videos, including animation, live-action, documentary, and non-narrative methods like abstract film. Some music videos incorporate a variety of artistic forms, including live action and animation. Many music videos depict events and imagery that are taken directly from the lyrics of the song, while others adopt a more thematic approach. Other music videos might merely be a filmed representation of the song's live concert performance.

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What Makes A Good Music Video Production?

Shooting a music video production is an exciting experience and could be a great jumpstart for aspiring artists, but not only. Even professional artists still want to put a lot of effort and investment into their music videos so that they best portray their skills, looks and overall personality. There are four key points that we follow to ensure that our music videos productions are highest quality possible:

Assemble only professionals on our production team

We understand the importance of having reliable and experienced personnel, which is why we have hired individuals with specialized knowledge and experience in their respective fields. As part of our commitment to excellence, we continually train and develop each production team member to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends.

Using high-quality equipment

The advancement of technology is a never-ending road for our company. With high-quality equipment such as: 6K Camera (RED DRAGON, ARRI), 8K Camera (RED HELIUM), cranes & lighting, blue screen and green screens we are able to produce the highest quality music videos productions that give a professional and artistic sense to each production

Use professional editing software

Advanced editing softwares is the difference between a ‘professional and high-quality ‘music video production’ compared to a ‘less professional ‘music video production’. Our team possesses the latest technology editing softwares, such as: Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator, After Effect and Photoshop, Final Cut X Pro and more.

Find the right locations

Entermedia is your one-stop shop for all things related to filming. We start by identifying the perfect location so you can have a professional shoot and high-quality footage. We have shot videos in numerous European countries such as: Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Germany and more.

The Process: How we make music videos

When making a music video, we separate our working process in three phases: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.


  • First, we listen to the song and discuss artist's vision for the song, the meaning behind the song and what their expectations are
  • We come up with a script and a moodboard to present how the music video will look like
  • Once the idea is approved, we go to planning the production (locations, dates, schedule, props, scenography)


  • We set up the sound, lighting and video equipment and
  • We shoot the scenes


  • Once the footage is received from our editing team, they prepare a first draft of the music video and send it to the artist
  • If there is any comment for potential change, we implement the changes and deliver the final version
  • Last activity is to prepare a trailer for the music video

Working with the right music video crew

Surrounding yourself and working with the right crew comes down to one of the most important things in music video production. Our team consists of professionals who are the core of the success of our videos. Our team serves as a support system for all of our clients and is best known for its great work ethic. With professionals who have achieved up to 1B views, have won numerous national/international awards - our crew has the know-how for each artist and their songs.

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Our Music Video Production Clients

Since 2004, we have worked with hundreds of artists to produce their music videos. We have created experiences and visualized the music journey of artists such as: Era Istrefi, Dafina Zeqiri, Noizy, Loredana, Ledri Vula, Larry, Dina, Mozzik & Getinjo, Kida, Butrint Imeri, Dhurata Dora, Ardian Bujupi and more.

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Dafina Zeqiri

“Entermedia’s team has become my second family. Their professionalism, commitment, and creativity bring the best out of every project”.

– Dafina Zeqiri, 2022

Era Istrefi

“The Bon-Bon music video wouldn’t have the success it had without the support, creativity and fun that Entermedia brought to the video and overall project”.

– Era Istrefi, 2020


“I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with Entermedia – a company with a great work ethic and outstanding creativity”.

– Loredana, 2021


1. How long should music videos be?

The length of a music video depends almost entirely on how long the song is.

2. Can the artists work with their own ideas?

Our creative directors and scriptwriters work closely with the artists to bring to life their vision. If the artist doesn’t have any idea to share, then we create the whole concept from scratch. Both ways are possible.

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