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A Source of Creativity in the Music Video Production Industry in Macedonia

Entermedia was born in the beginning of the music industry in Macedonia - raising the bar for audiovisual experiences and music video production in Macedonia . When we first started, we were aware that the traditional methods wouldn’t be enough. This is why we visualized and worked towards a music production company that would become the revolution in the music industry in Macedonia . Our experience in the music video production industry in Macedonia has given us a unique perspective on what makes for successful videos. We're always looking at how to better ourselves, whether it's by coming up with new ideas or challenging our team members outside their comfort zone with each project they take on. This was our fundamental idea: always developing. Entermedia specializes in creating videos for artists, labels, managers, or anyone looking to have their song portrayed by an innovative cast of characters. Feel free to reach us if you're interested!


Our teams consist of:

Project Managers

To ensure work completion and client satisfaction, each project is assigned a specific project manager.

Creative Directors

Our creative directors oversee each stage of the creative process from beginning to end. They are also known as the leaders of the creative teams and the creative elements of a video.

Creative Writers

By conducting research before and during the creative process, our writers prepare materials to ensure the creative and logical flow of all writing produced.

Directors of Photography

The DP has complete control over everyhthing that affects what the camera can capture (i.e. composition, exposure, lighting, filters, and camera movements). In addition to being in control of the camera and lighting crews on location, the director of photography selects the cameras, lenses, and filters that will be used during a shoot.


A film, music album, theatrical production, or television show's business and financing are under the control of the producer.

Video Editors

Video editors manage content such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects in order to produce a final movie or video.

Vfx Artists

To produce photoreal, digitally generated pictures, our VFX artists use the most recent technologies.


Marketers keep an eye on market trends, create advertising campaigns, and develop pricing and targeting strategies based on demographic data.

Why choose Entermedia for your Music Video Production in Macedonia?

To create music videos in Macedonia that highlight the greatest aspects of the song and the artist, our team brings optimism, vigor, and knowledge. We assist you in realizing your vision for a music video using state-of-the-art equipment and post-production services.

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Best music videos for your song

We are able to produce music videos that satisfy all of your needs. We can manage everything, from screenplays to finished products, so you'll have everything planned out and taken care of in due time.

“One-stop” Music Video Production in Macedonia

We can meet all of your requirements with our production services for creating music videos. You will have everything planned out and handled in due time because we can manage everything, from scripts to finished products.

High-end Equipment

We constantly employ top-notch equipment because we want to give our customers the greatest possible service.

Creative thinking

Every music video project benefits from the experience and depth of knowledge that our team of creative directors and writers brings. In Macedonia, they are adept at making a statement with each music video produced.

Experience, background and professionalism

Our staff ensures high professionalism and a strong work ethic in every project thanks to its more than 18 years of expertise.

Our Music Video Production and Filming Process

Pre-production is a crucial step in the process of creating a music video. It entails organizing your project's planning, schedule, and budget. With our creative director, Entermedia first plans our storyboard and script, choosing the cast, setting, and crew. After becoming familiar with the song, our team schedules a meeting with the artist or their manager to explore the idea.
There are many things for which you must be ready, some of them are stated here. A music video can be filmed and produced in a manner comparable to other types of videos. The method includes the following crucial steps:


This step entails developing your visual narrative. Take your time with this phase since you want to be sure you have all of your notions worked out before you start filming.


Choosing a budget is a crucial step in the music video production process. By creating a budget, you're simply making a list of everything you'll need to produce a music video, such as the tools required, the locations, the extras/actors, etc.


As a producer, you will be expected to do a lot of various things because you will be working with so many different people.


After finishing all of your pre-production work, it's time to crew up! At Entermedia, people are typically in charge of selecting talent, locating sites, overseeing wardrobe and makeup artists, etc.

Music Video Post-Production in Macedonia

The final phase of making a music video is post-production. The post-production process for music videos includes editing, sound mixing, and special effects. It takes a lot of time to locate various images during this process so that they can use them later while producing their genuine production.

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1. How long does a music video filming take?

It changes depending on the storyline, the situations, and the settings. In Macedonia, it usually takes two days of filming to complete a music video.

2. Are your teams willing to travel for shooting?

The majority of our music videos are filmed in Macedonia and the region, but we are happy to travel anywhere you request.

3. How many feedback chances do clients have?

In most cases, we don’t provide the finished music video until all client-requested adjustments have been made. We don’t have a precise figure because we strive to accomplish our jobs correctly without taking comments into account.

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