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TV Ads/Commercial Video Services

TV Ads & Commercial video services are one the most important video services offered at Entermedia. Our ads range from corporate presentations, video production animation to detailed image ads - in industries such as banking, real estate, retail, e-commerce and international companies and NGOs.


What is a TV Ad/Commercial?

TV Ads/Commercial video services main aim is to promote a business, a product or present a cause. They can take on many forms, including marketing, testimonials, product promos and social media content videos. TVads video production is a process that involves a video script, storyboard, media asset management, video animation and visual effects, video editing, final production and distribution. The TVAds/Commercials can also take the form of video animation, a production we are highly passionate about.

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What Makes A Good TV AD Video?

Creatively, a good TVad/commercial video should tell a story. It should be interesting enough that you want more, and it should make you feel something. It should be engaging, informative, and entertaining at the same time. A simple, clear message is best. Quality commercial and TVad services can be used to directly promote your brand in a more effective way, build credibility, educate customers on new products or services offered by you or your company. Technically speaking, we have listed some qualities that bring out the very best in every quality commercial:

Working with a professional production team

We have assembled an elite team of award-winning and experienced professionals to produce your videos. Our creative directors and directors of photography are skilled film professionals while our video editors are highly trained editors with knowledge of the most advanced softwares and proven creativity in editing.

Finding the right locations

Entermedia ensures that you have access to the perfect filming locations so your project can be shot professionally and with top footage. We have shot videos in numerous European countries such as: Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Germany and more.

Using the most advanced equipment

Our company uses the latest technology, including 6K and 8K cameras, cranes and lighting equipment, ring lights, and green screens to create high-quality TVad/commercial productions that enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality TVads/commercials productions possible.

The Process: How do we make TV Ads/Commercials?


  • First, we meet with our client to discuss their needs and wants, we ask questions about the company, what audience they want to target and how they want to market themselves
  • We come up with a script and storyboard to thoroughly explain how the TVAd/Commercial will look like
  • Once the storyboard is approved, we come up with other details such as working plans, shooting dates, locations


  • We film the add that goes straight to post-production
  • We send the first draft to our client. Once the client is happy with the product, we finalize all that remains and we deliver the final product


  • Each TVAd is edited in shortened versions suitable for distribution in digital platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc, so that our client is able to establish a whole campaign and target audiences in different platforms

Working with the right crew and cast

When working with a TVad/commercial production our clients will typically work with a crew of creative professionals such as the creative writer, creative director, the director of photography, the sound engineer, the editors and extra camera operators. It is important for us that everyone involved in our team is highly professional, has an outstanding work ethic and is passionate about the work.

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Your TVAd/Commercial Video Services Partner

We work with a diverse roster of top-notch talent, creative experience and production expertise to transform ideas into persuasive motion pictures. We look at every new commercial video project as an opportunity to grow and challenge ourselves, to give clients more than they ask for and push the boundaries of what’s possible in video production services. We work hard to make sure that your experience with us is positive and productive. Our company provides commercial video services that produce quality content videos for businesses and we've created a large number of commercial content videos for companies that have been highly satisfied with our work. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help your company grow through video marketing strategy and execution.

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Our TVAd /Commercial Video Services Clients & Case StudieSS

Entermedia has provided commercial video services for local and international clients from Europe to the US. Since 2004, we have successfully completed multilingual projects in Albania, United States, Macedonia, United Kingdom, France, Monte Carlo, Israel and Italy. Some of our biggest projects have been broadcasted worldwide through media such as BBC and CNN. Up-to-date, we are best known for co-producing the award-winning national branding campaign “Kosovo - The Young Europeans”

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Illyria Insurance Group

“We have produced a TVad with Entermedia to promote our company and what we stand for. They have captured the core of our company and our vision, and have forwarded the message to the audience in the best possible way”

– Illyria Insurance Group, 2022



1. Why do you need a commercial video?

Sales – TVad/Commercial video productions are an effective way to attract more viewers, thereby increasing the sale of products or services. Online video ads – Online video ads are a great way to extend your reach beyond your website and social media platforms with a commercial video repurposed as a social media or YouTube ad.

2. How do I get started with Entermedia TVad/commercial video?

We’d love to learn more about your commercial video project. Simply contact us here to set up an intro call or video chat so we can get a better idea of what you’re looking for. When it’s confirmed that we would be a good fit for your project – we can jump right into development and get to work pitching one or more original concepts for your TVad/commercial video.

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