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A Source of Creativity in the Video Production Industry in MACEDONIA

When you employ Entermedia's video creation services, communicating with your audience is more impressionistic and engaging.


Video Production Services in Macedonia

Entermedia is a video production company in Macedonia that provides a variety of services:

Entermedia’s Production Process

Production Methodology at Entermedia

The first stage of video production is the pre-production phase, during which your message's concept and the strategy for delivering it are devised. To get a clear picture off on paper and ensure that everything comes together seamlessly when filming starts, the creative aspects, which include content like screenplays or storyboarding, are essential. The first stage in any video production is to determine the budget for the services involved in producing the video. It's crucial to know exactly what you can afford to do and what will be outsourced when it comes to producing video content. Three elements—labor/skill level, equipment, and post-production work—including editing—will be used to calculate your project's final cost.

Design and Format

Your video's format and design should be in keeping with your brand's image, target market, message, and budget.

Location scouting

The locations are of high importance to ensure a perfect final product. Since every video that is produced must have a certain goal in mind, our staff spends the time to completely... comprehend the client's and music’s identity and match it with the perfect locations.


All of the interviews, scenes, and other footage for your production services are recorded during this process. Now is the time to start forming your story into a finished work.


The producer and editor collaborate to get the video ready for distribution after the production process is over.

How long does it take to produce a video service?

The actual filming will take place over the course of two long days, after the concept has been finalized and the shooting sites have been chosen. The editing process begins when the shooting is over. Normally, this procedure takes up to two weeks. However, depending on how complicated the job is, it could take two to four weeks. You can build your project into a professional video production service with the aid of our team of creative directors, producers, and coordinators.

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Our Work

The goal of Entermedia as a video production company in Macedonia is to help companies contact their audiences, convey their messages, and market cutting-edge products while having fun along the way. We are a team of experts at our video production firm who have many years of industry experience and produce high-quality video content. We take great satisfaction in our capacity to produce interesting, high-caliber videos. Whether it's video content, music videos, TV/Ad commercial videos, TV PSAs, documentaries, or digital material, our team has the experience you need for every project. Our video production firm is enthusiastic about what we do and dedicated to giving you high-quality videos. Check our video services work here
Check our video services work here

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1. What benefits does Entermedia in the Video Production services industry in Macedonia?

In the industry, Entermedia has been active for more than 20 years. Whether it’s a music video production or a TV commercial video production, we have created numerous successful projects while working with a variety of clients and partners to deliver high quality video services. Our staff is made up of skilled experts who are prepared to support you in achieving your objectives. You can be confident that your project will be in capable hands and meet your high standards when Entermedia is a partner. We are a business that employs a highly skilled group of video production specialists who have completed more than 500 projects in the past.

2. How much time is required to create a video?

The actual filming will take place over the course of two exhausting days after the concept has been finalized and the shooting sites have been chosen. Typically, everyone prefers the weekend. Editing happens after filming is over. The duration of the process is typically two weeks, but it can vary from two to four weeks depending on how difficult the project is.

3. What does your video production service include?

In Macedonia, Entermedia is a creative agency that provides the whole spectrum of video production services, from the initial concept to the finished output.

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